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Unbelievers and their fate in the afterlife

Are Christian and Jewish lay people the same as their clergy and religious scholars? Are they also unbelievers, even though they are People of the Book and do not have the knowledge that their religious leaders have? Are they condemned to Hell for their not believing in Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?

Answer from Sheikh Khâlid al-Sayf, professor at al-Imâm University   Ever since Muhammad (peace be upon him) was sent with the Message, all people who do not believe that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is God's Messenger to all humanity are classified as unbelievers with ... Continue Reading

Using dishes that may have been formerly used to cook pork

Can we use dishes that non-Muslims had formerly used to cook pork or other unlawfully slaughtered meat or used to eat such meat from? I ask in reference to the hadith about the dishes of the people of the Book: "Do not eat from them unless you do not find anything else to eat from. In that case, wash them and eat from them.”

Answered by Sheikh Salman al-Oadah This is an authentic hadîth related in Sahîh al-Bukhârî and Sahîh Muslim. Abû Tha`labah al-Khushanî said to Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him): "We come from a land populated by the People of the ... Continue Reading

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