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If he does ghusl following a wet dream, maniy continues to come out of him during the prayer

May Allah reward you with good for answering my question, but I think that it needs further explanation of the issue of sprinkling hot water on the private part, because the wet dream occurred at the time of ‘Asr prayer, and I have a problem, which is that maniy and even madhiy continue to come out for a considerable period after they are first emitted. It often happens with me that one of them is emitted at the time of prayer, whether that is because of thinking or because of a wet dream, but in order not to miss the prayer, I sprinkle hot water (on my private part) so that whatever is left will come out. Please note that I do not feel any desire when I use this method. Now I am going to make up the fast of that day that I told you about, in sha Allah, but what should I do if maniy continues to come out whilst I am praying? Should I pray in that case?

Praise be to Allah. Firstly:  We appreciate this further explanation and we ask Allah, may He be exalted, to help us and you avoid reprehensible words and actions.  Secondly:  If it does not come out continually all the time, then it does not come under the ruling ... Continue Reading

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