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Our attitude toward Shia

Shia represent only 11% of the Muslim Ummah (only 150 Million all over the world). ... more

Shia's Peril

difference between Sunnis and Shiites does not relate only to subsidiary matters but also to some fundamentals as well!! ... more

Shia's Dominance

Throughout such a story, we could find out clearly that Shiite movements only rose as rebellious movements against the Sunni rule hiding under the guise of the religious people who love or are affiliated to the Prophet's Household. ... more

Origins of Shia

Scholars of Usul Al-Fiqh (Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence) stated the following rule, "One cannot pass a judgment on something unless one has a clear conception of it". Based on this rule, it is meaningless to pass a judgment on Shia unless you have good knowledge about them. It is also ...

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