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Invocation for When Rain Increases and one Fears it

Rain may be more beneficial to a place than to another, in a time than in another, in a situation than in another. ... more

What is to be said when visiting a dying person (2/2)

A dying person should combine hope and fear in himself: Hoping for the mercy of Allah and fearing of His Punishment. ... more

Barriers to Real Happiness (2)


7. Fear of Worldly Power 

Fear of other than Allah. Allah says in the Qur’an: is the cause of humility, insecurity ...

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Fearing Allah in Open and Secret

Fear of Allah is a form of worship connected to the heart that drives one to strive, to be earnest, and to have a disposition to perform acts of devotion... ... more

Words about Fear

The state of fear is the most holy of the states of worship, it is obligatory on every Muslim. ... more

Fear of Allah Almighty

Fear of Allah Almighty is the highest rank of piety, since man could not attain the high ranks of the pious unless he feels afraid of Allah Almighty. ... more

I fear Allah

O beloved, fearing Allah is the crown of the hearts. It is purification for the souls and living for the spirits. It is evidence of faith and an address for happiness. It is the secret of life. ... more

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