Journey of Life

Since 2018-01-20
Journey of Life

Man starts his journey when he is created. He then accompanies his parents and family, learning, listening, and imitating; and observing and thinking. Once he attains puberty, he starts his special journey in which his organs start to work. the eyes see, the ears hear, the mind thinks, the soul loves, the hands reach, the legs walk, the skin touches. All other organs move towards a target. If we want a comprehensive look at the journey of life, it will be as if we are looking at people from above. We just need to have a vitreous container and fill it with a stagnant water, and look at it through a big microscope to see these small creatures overcrowded in the water. Some of them are prevailing over the others. Some of them are transgressing the others. Some of them are panting after a female. Some others are searching for food. Some others are searching for shelter. This is the world of people! It is a journey with the following consequences: a team in paradise and a team in the hellfire. The blessed is the on who did righeous deeds and sought the pleasure and mercy of Allah. Thus, they will gain the great success, the higest grace and the abundant profit. The loser is the one who committed sins, or the one who did righteous deeds but joined others in worship with Allâh instead of devoting the intention of his deeds to Allah Alone. The loser is the one who did not repent in any one of the chances that Allah grant to us, nor is he deterred from his sins, nor he understands the message sent by Allah to him to remind him of repentence, paradise and everlasting delights. O Allah! Make us among the dwellers of paradise and grant us deeds that lead us to paradise and let us like its dwellers. O Allah! Keep us away from the Hellfire, put a great distance between us and our sins, as great as the distance You have made between the east and the west! Amen!

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