Pray for Gaza, Pray for Palestine

Since 2014-07-14
Pray for Gaza, Pray for Palestine

Yesterday my mother was raped; he laughed and wanted to harm her.

My father raged because he was always her protective armour.

I just stood there shaking, weak; couldn't stop the trauma.

The soldier pulled the trigger;

couldn't stop him with my 2 ft. figure.

My father falls to the ground, right after my mother.

They both lie bleeding and I hold on to my little baby brother.


Don’t you have any mercy please? What happened to your soul?

You better leave me and my brother; we’re barely 6 years old.

The Israeli’s killed our parents, and now we’re all alone.

Whilst we’re in poverty, you remain firmly on your tanks throne.

You may limit us in number; think big of who you are.

But Allah is the real king, and these evil ways won’t get you far.

You may have killed my parents, broken our house and taken our respect.

But Allah is my Lord, and He is fair, don’t you forget.

These acts on the Day of Judgment, you will sure regret.

You will burn in Hell forever, the entire army together.


Pray for me oh people, I am your young brother in need.

Give charity my way, let go of your greed.

I am under attack always - No one cares about my tears, ever hears my whine.

Pray for Gaza and pray for Palestine."

By: Kiran Hussain


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