Boonaa Mohammed - Wake Up

Since 2014-03-30
Wake Up

As`salaatu khayrun min naum
As`salaatu khayrun min naum
But most of you are asleep and you don't even know
Too busy being deceived, making this dunya your home
In the heart there is a disease, like a cancer for your soul
And you can't be free until you learn to let go
For those who know are not like those who don't know
Cause those who know be ready to show those how they roll
Cause if you think you exist just to become bones
Than really you must think you ain't thinking at all
You in the danger zone, not a day you ain't prone
To bring thrown off your throne like Haman and Fir'aun
There's a war going on outside no one is safe from
Cause verily, your enemy is the shaytan
So take arms, and sound the alarm
Cause the devil been on your level since the day you were born

Little girls being taught to drop it like it`s hot
Cause they need a hot boy who`s got a fat watch
Ready to make it pop for every hustler on the block
Who`s got a drop top, Oh please make it stop
My sisters wake up and take off that make up
You don't need that cover up, you need to cover up
Cause if you love Allah, than you should love his law
And if he don't love Allah, his love will always be flawed
A boy can't be your friend like dogs can't be men
So tell him take his tail to the nearest fire hydrant
The best thing in this world aint diamonds and pearls
The best thing is this world is a righteous girl
The way that she dress, looks like an Empress
Impressing Allah, oppressing your nafs
To wear that Hijab is a Jihad on its own
May He grant you gardens under which rivers flow
Cause you already know the recipe for achievers
Aisha, Khadija, Hafsa, Safiyah
May Allah be pleased, cause my mother's where believers
Daughters and Preachers, Sisters and Teachers
No need for Divas, we need Queens of Sheba's
Women who will stand up for this Ummah and be leaders
Ready to begin the next generation
They say boys will be boys but we're running out of men

Ours are running out to sin, chasing different women
He don't wanna give her a ring, he just wanna give her a ring
He aint looking for a wifey, he's looking for a ting
So he treat her like a DJ and take her for a spin
He don't know who he is, so he don't have any hope
It's a shame, we`re so ashamed that Muhammed became Moe
All that's left are cowards enclosed in egos
And superheroes that star in music videos
Where the coolest dude you know is aspiring to be on death row
Guns and clothes, blunts to roll
This is suicide live, and you're standing in the front row

But don't fear those made from flesh and bones
Fear the One that will bring you back from sticks and stones
Bricks of gold aint worth your soul
His tricks are old, Iblis was told
To make sujood, but he refused
But we refuse, to make sujood
Real men are few, like Musa and Harun
Suliaman, Dawud, Ishaq, Yacoub
If you only knew, real men make real moves
Real recognize real so really who are you?
My brother you're confused, wake up, hit the snooze
This dunya is a dream, don't let it consume you
I refuse to be boxed and sell rocks away
Who cares about my block, hommie we all came from clay
But I think it's safe to say, that one day we'll pass away
But I'm trying kick it' with the prophets and all of the righteous slaves
And I'll turn to you and say, aren't you glad that we obeyed
Man we almost went astray, but Allah forgives and he forgave
Look at all we overcame, struggling just for his sake
Truly we have all been saved, Jannah is calling your name
As`salaatu khayrun min naum
As`salaatu khayrun min naum
Jannah is calling your name, so wake up and come home
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