Muhammad (pbuh) In The Various World Scriptures

What Do The Various World Scriptures Like The Bible & Torah Say About Muhammad (pbuh)? - Is Muhammad (pbuh) Mentioned In The Hindu Scriptures? - Where Is Muhammad (pbuh) Mentioned By Name In The Bible?

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Is the Quran God's Word

This episode deals with the miraculous legislation of the Quran, the Quran came down with an amazing legislation that could save the world at that time. The Quran Must be read with Full understanding because it is the word of Allah.

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How to Read and Understand the Quran

In this great lecture Dr Zakir Naif talks on how to read and understand the Quran, Quran is the last and final testament by Allah (SWT) sent on to our Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him for guidance for whole mankind. We should read the Quran with full understanding so that we could practice according to it..

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Jesus Christ is not God nor did God ever become a man

God is capable of all things. This premise does not necessitate the incarnation of God into a man. In this Episode Dr. Zakir Naik discusses this ...

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God never became a man

Dr Zakir Naik is discussing if a God became a man. And because Dr Zakir Naik is expert in this topic, he will give you the top reasons that God, the ...

Duration: 24:18
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Similarities Between Islam, Christianity and Judaism

Find out the similarities between Islam, Christianity and Judaism with Dr. Zakir Naik.

Duration: 1:11:40

The Purpose of Life

In this interesting program, Dr Zakir Naik pays the lost people’s attention to a very significant issue. He talks to those who don’t know the purpose of their lives in this world. Even if they want to know, they go astray due to the Devil’s tricks and blind faith. So Sheikh gives them a right and rational method through which everyone can know the right path in this world.

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Salat is the most important pillar of Islam after Eman, this series explaining the Islamic perspective and concept of Salat, and its objectives. And how it could be the program for righteousness

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