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What is the Purpose of Life?

What is the purpose of our life? Why were we born? What is the objective of our existence? What is the wisdom behind this creation of man and this ...

Duration: 52:16
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What is your Purpose in Life?

Dr. Bilal Philips is answering a very important question about life: “ What is your purpose in Life”. Anyone who wants to get seriously in life ...

Duration: 37:02
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To peace and Paradise

Dr. Bilal Philips is the guest in this episode of the TheDeenshow in which he is explaining why Islam (submission to the will of God) is the only ...

Duration: 34:48
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Think Win-Win (The Motto of the Believer)

What are the main two purposes of the tests of this life? How does test produce spiritual growth? How do you deal with trials? Why do people commit ...

Duration: 1:05:13
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Religious Corruption

This is one of the important show. We are all seeking of our purposes in life, when indeed we're all going to die. Why are we here in this world? ...

Duration: 26:16
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Sex Drugs and music or is there more to life?

Many people run from the fact that life isn't all about having sex with as many partners as you can, or doing drugs and drinking every weekend. There ...

Duration: 33:13
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A journey from Christianity to Buddhism to Islam

Find out why this Roman Catholic Christian turned to Islam. Find the reason why and what’s the spiritual experience he had before he took the big ...

Duration: 39:16

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