Etiquette of visiting graves

If I want to visit my father's grave, what should I do? What is the etiquette of visiting graveyards? Are there any things I should pay attention to? ... more

Unnecessary Obstacles to Marriage

Sheikh Salman al-Oadah

Young women have many hopes and dreams. Among the most important of these dreams focus upon their future husbands, the men who are going to be their partners through the long and arduous journey of life. Some girls want their husbands to be young and handsome. Others ...

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Episode 25: A Spotlight on Tabuk Invasion

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: After Shurahbeal bin 'Amr Al-Ghassani had killed the prophet's dispatched messenger, Al-Harith bin 'Umari Al-Azdi to the ruler of Al-Busra,  the prophet sent an expedition lead by Zaid bin Haritha where they fought the Roman in M'utah.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi:  M'utah ...

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Convert attending his brother's wedding party



Alhamdulillah, I am a convert to Islam. My family are still, however, christian. My brother is getting married and this involves a religious service in a church followed by a meal. I have told my family that I cannot partake in the religious service. I wish to know if Islam allows me ...

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Repenting In Ramadan

In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful

Thanks to Allah who brought us to light, opened the door of repenting to his slaves. We send prayers and peace upon the messenger of Allah, and then:
Repenting in Ramadan….
My dear brother: I congratulate you with the arrival of this ...

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The Pleasures of Paradise (part 1 of 2)

The reality of Paradise is something which people will never be able to understand until they actually enter it, but God has shown us glimpses of it in the Quran. He has described it as a place essentially different to the life of this world, both in the very nature and purpose of life, as well ...

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Let's Go Fruit Picking

By: Zulkifli Khair

Despite the end of strawberry season, there are apple, grapes and many more to come - fruits harvesting season during summertime in the north hemisphere. Don't miss out. Plucking and eating the sweet juicy plum under its tree is really a remarkable experience, especially ... Continue Reading

Striving hard, Competing for good deeds in Ramadan

All Praise is due to Allaah, and may the peace and blessings be upon His Messenger Muhammad.

It is legislated for all the Muslims to strive hard in the various types of worship during this noble month. They should strive to pray voluntary prayers and recite the Qur'an with reflection and ...

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Renew your faith

My Muslim brother, here are some important means that renew your faith, augment and increase it. ... more

Constant Awareness of Being 'Prepared'



It is a duty upon every sane person to be prepared for his departure (from this world), for one does not know when he will be served by his Lord’s commands (to take away his soul) nor does he know how long it is going to be before he will be summoned (for the Day of Judgment).

I ...
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Ruling on committing suicide because of depression

Q: What is the ruling on committing suicide in the case of severe depression in which the sick person is not aware of the consequences of what he does? Will Allaah forgive him for this action?

Is it possible that the suffering that the sick person goes through because of this ...

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No One but Allah.

Poem written by : Khurram Malik

Who filled the world with light?
Who raised the mountain high?
Who raises us when we die?
No one but Allah.


Who sees inside your sole?
Who hears you when you call?
Who helps you when you fall?
No one but Allah.

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