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Born on the Day of Arafah

Duties for the Day of Arafah

Sheikh Hany Hilmy
Saturday, 06 December 2008

1- Humbleness and humility.

2- Feel the meaning of Hajj in your hearts so you can pilgrim with your heart.

3- Purify our hearts from life. Some of the ancestors said: I stood on Arafat and I had my money. I decided that I wanted to supplicate without life heavy baggage.. I put down it down and started supplicating Allah until Ifadah. He is purifying his heart from life.

Look at what the ancestors used to do:
The person would weigh himself and match his weight with silver and give it as charity. Amer Bin Abdullah sacrificed everything for his religion. Habib sacrificed four thousands Dirham for the sake of Allah and Abu Hurairah made twelve thousand remembrances a day.

Our Duty:
We mentioned before a Hadith "This is a day where whoever will hold his tongue, sight and hearing tight, will be forgiven". So, your homework is to make Itikaf (seclusion) from dawn to Maghrib. Take a vacation and dedicate it to worshipping Allah. When you get back from your work, isolate yourself and dedicate your time to worshipping Allah. "Silence is salvation". Narrated by Attermedhei and classified as sahih by Al Albani. We need to remain silent to control our sight, hearing and tongue. The best thing to do is to lock yourself at home away from socializing. It would even be better if we spend these hours at the Masjid because as long as you are there the angels will say: "Oh Allah forgive him and have mercy on him".

4- Make more remembrance in those ten days because they are the everlasting deeds. Keep your tongue soft with Subhan Allah, Al Hamdu-lillah, La Ilaha Illa Allah, Allahu-Akbar (Glory be to Allah, All praise be to Allah, There is no God but He, Allah is the Greatest). The duty is to keep glorifying and magnifying Allah as well as supplicating all the time.

Source: Born on the Day of Arafah, written by Sheikh Hany Hilmy

To be Continued ... Arafah from fajr to Dusk

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