Born on the Day of Arafah - Release from Hellfire

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Born on the Day of Arafah


Born on the Day of Arafah

Release from Hellfire

Sheikh Hany Hilmy
Wednesday, 03 December 2008

We need to be reborn today, on this day, the day in the year with the largest number of people getting freed, the Day of Arafah.

Why not? Why can't the logo for the day of Arafah for this year be "I am newly born"?

All of us, the one who is religious, the one who took some steps in the road to Allah, the one who is still at the beginning and the one who is still hesitant "thinking about it", we all need to be newly born.

The Prophet, May Peace Be Upon Him, said: «The faith would wear out in your heart like the dress do wear out» [Narrated by The Tabarani and corrected by Albani].

Wear out here means like torn into pieces and could not to be used again.

This heart got tired and sick from the many trials that were not successful.

So, we need a new heart, a new life, we need to open our eyes to feel the meanings, as we were at the beginning when we decided to repent or as whom truly you want to be, the committed person who loves Allah and whose heart is getting closer to Allah. Yes, I am newly born.

I swear by the name of Allah, who there is no god but HIM, all the conditions are prepared for you and there is nothing easier than this. You shouldn't lose this opportunity.

This time of twelve hours fasting is equivalent to twenty four months and it leads to forgiveness of two years.

Twelve hours of fasting fast them right, make a promise to Allah to become a new person, not only to fast these hours and then forget about it. No, this is not the meaning. The meaning is that you try with yourself and do your best and you don't find the will nor you find the helping reasons but ALL the reasons are available. Look how precious this opportunity is!

The Hadith narrated by Muslim according to Aisha, May Allah bless her, that the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him said: «There is no day in which Allah will release people from the hellfire more than the day of Arafat».

By the name of Allah, this is not exclusive for the people who are standing on Arafat but it is general. And He comes nearer; who? God of Pride the all Mighty.

He is so very close to you on that day then, He brags his slave among His angles and say: Pay attention to these key words, Allah says "What do these people want?" What do you want? What did you want? What is your intention and goal? The key would be sincerity. The key will be truthfulness. The key will be a truthful intention only for the sake of Allah.

Narrated by Imam Ahmad and classified as Sahih (correct) by Al Albani and according to Ibn Omar that the prophet peace be upon him said: «Allah Almighty brags his angels during the evening of the people of Arafat and says look to my slaves who came messy and dusty». The second key word is kicking out from your heart your worldly life. If this goes out of your heart and if you gathered all what bothers you in one which is the hereafter, Allah will resolve all what bothers you, everything going through your mind and will shorten the distance between you and Allah.

What is going through your mind?, Home problems?, Exams?, Marriage?, Work?, Money?, How are you getting a home?, What are you going to do?, or how you are going to run your home and raise your children?, Allah will suffice.. yes suffice him all what is going through his mind and his problems. Only get it out... They came to me messy and dusty... they are not bothered by their appearance, and not any other thing... I came to you my Lord so accept me as I am.

The reward is so huge. It is the release from the hellfire. In the day of Arafat the supplications are answered and the pitfalls are corrected. This is a day which Allah honored and raised over all other days. This is a day in which Allah completed the religion and fulfilled the blessings. This is a day in which Allah forgives all the sins and releases necks from hellfire, We ask Allah the Almighty to release our necks from the hellfire.

Do you want to be released? Your heart should burn for the repentance. Your heart should be torn into pieces hoping that Allah would forgive, pardon and send His mercy upon you in that great day.

Source: Born on the Day of Arafah, written by Sheikh Hany Hilmy
To be Continued...

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