To my little sister (in Islam) Yunaleska/Jessica

Since 2008-04-17

I see a tear rolling down
my little sister's cheek
because she is in pain
and struggles every step she takes.
It is true that sometimes
people look twice at her
and she wants the ground to swallow her
because she feels ashamed
of not being able to run free
or to go about as we do.
She thinks her wheelchair cramps
her style and that she is the odd one.

But little does she know,
the way I know
that people look twice at her
in amazed wonder.
If you only saw her dazzling smile
it brightens any room
her inner beauty shines through
and light is upon her.

Do not be sad little sister
for all the pain you have.
You are an example for many
that life has to go on...
You are Allah's blessing upon us.

But little do you know
the way I know
that people look twice at you
when they see your courage.
It is them who feel ashamed
for moaning about trivial things..
You may stumble many times
but by Allah's will you will not fall.

oh little sis, little sis,
give us the gift of your bright smile
once more....
if I was a sun ray,
I would dry away your tears....


Written by sister Khadi in response to the poem 'Allah's Blessing'  written by her personal friend Sister Yunaleska/Jessica:

'Allah's Blessing'

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