Upon us now are the best ten days of the year

Since 2001-02-25

Upon us now are the best ten days of the year. There are no other days more rewarded than these ten. They are the first ten days of the Islamic month Dhul-Hijjah. Unfortunately many of us do not know and let them fly by ... If there was some great sale advertising ridiculously low prices you will find many of us there waiting on long lines just to get such great deals. Well we should all hurry to catch this great sale that Allah is advertising. "It's all come all served!"

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: " No good deeds done on other days are superior to those done on these days." His companions asked " Not even Jihad in the way of Allah?" He said: "Not even jihad, except for the man who puts his life and wealth in danger and returns with neither." (1)

Subhanallah, how merciful is our Lord. So what can we do? One could read Quran, read things to increase our Iman, help our Muslim neighbor, give charity (even a smile is charity), volunteer at our masjid, fast, dthikr (remembering Allah), etc.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "There are no days more loved to Allah for you to worship Him therein than the ten days of Dhul-Hijja. Fasting any day during it is equivalent to fasting one year and to offer salatul Tahajud (late night prayer) during one of its nights is like performing the late night prayer on (Lilatulqadr) the night of power" (2)

So if we can why not at least try to fast one day during these days so we would have one year fasting on our bank records towards the purchase of the next life.

Ibn Abbas said that the ayah: "Remember Allah during the well known days,"(2:203) refers to the first ten days of Dhul-Hijja.We should say Allahuakbar (Allah is great), Alhamdulillah (all praises is due to Allah), Laillhaillallah (there is no deity but Allah), etc. This is what the Prophet (peace be upon him) told us to do during these days. That's not too much to ask from us and it is only for our own benefit. On the ninth day it will be the day of Arafat. We should all try to fast this day because the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "It is an expiation for the sins of the preceding year and the current year." (3)

There for my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, please do not let these days go by without getting on line for this great bargain that Allah the most high is giving away to all that come. May Allah forgive us all and have mercy on us all.

A. Adly


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