Interview with a 3 days old Muslimah !

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Before reading this Interview :
This Interview took place in 29/10/2000 , 3 days after accepting Islam.
Sister Tammy contacted IslamWay few days ago .. She was having some questions about her situation .. We forwarded her questions to Shaikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajjed , who runs :, and he answered them.
A brother from IslamWay contacted Tammy offering any kind of help she wants .. and He had answered some of her questions .. and was encouraging her to accept Islam ..
He was surprised when sister Tammy contacted him saying that She became Muslim and that she went to the Islamic Center in her town to take the Shahadah.

IslamWay Editor : First of all .. I would like to congratulate you my sister for reverting to Islam .. May Allah accept your good deeds and surely Allah will forgive all your past sins .. Can you introduce your self so that readers can know more about yourself ?

Tammy : My name is Tammy Renee , I am 27 years old, I am a homemaker, born in Canada in North West, I have a son who is 3 years old.

IslamWay Editor : Can you tell us briefly .. How did you revert to Islam ?

Tammy : I became interested when I worked for some Syrian people whom I found talking about Islam and I wanted to learn more as I had been very fascinated by Islam and what they told me about Allah[swt]and prophet Muhammed(pbuh).
I was also intrigued of the way that Muslims are happy and content with thier lives and happy with thier religion. They are very faithful and dedicated and all they needed was one God Allah [swt] .

IslamWay Editor : How did you take the Shahadah ?

Tammy : I was at the mosque for the first time and I knew I wanted to be a part of Islam and I wanted to make it official and everyone was really nice to me and very welcoming and I just wanted to be like that and I knew that it was the right thing to do at the time and it couldnt have been more ready and I knew that I wanted to be muslim.
First the sister read me Koran then took me to see shiekh who asked me if I was ready and I knew it was the moment I had been waiting for.

IslamWay Editor : Most of the Western Media promotes that Islam is oppressing women .. Do you think that Hijab is kind of an oppression for the Muslim Woman ?

Tammy : Not at all because they just don't have a full understanding of what it means for me to wear a hijab, how I feel about it : It reminds me of who I am and what I have to do everyday and it also makes people aware of me being a muslimah and I am proud to put that on display for anyone and maybe that way they might be interested in Islam more & i do not feel oppressed at all. It is my protection for me aginst my society.

IslamWay Editor : After becoming a Muslim .. What is your goals .. what about your dreams ?

Tammy : First take things slow step by step and follow Islam as best to my knowledge, read Qura'an, do salat and InshaAllah I will be blessed and will deal with whatever Allah[swt] will hand to me and be happy.

IslamWay Editor : What are the best things that you liked about the Muslims in your community who are practising Islam ? What are the worst things that you noticed?

Tammy : The best thing is the way they are so supportive of each other hand help each other in every aspect. Thay are very kind and generous and will help thier neighbors and make sure no one is left out.
The worst thing is that I have met muslim people that are not practicing and they will do certain things right but then they are not that faithful to the religion of Islam and I get sad because I think that they should recognize the beauty in it but yet they don't see it & I dont understand how a person who grew up with Islam does not practice. I was always jealous of people that were muslim, but now I dont have to be.

IslamWay Editor : Do you think that Muslims are doing their best in coveying Allah's message in the world ?

Tammy : Well I have found some good resources but if someone is not conveying Allah's message then it can be from lack of Knowledge or they are afraid to share the Truth because of negative critism usually associated with Islam. But better to Fear Allah[swt]. I dont know a whole lot about this myself yet. I will try to do the best I can to my ability and lead them to better sources

IslamWay Editor : If you were able to send 3 messages to these 3 kinds of people in the whole world what would you say ?
- A Muslim who is conveying Allah's word
- A Muslim who is not Practicing Islam
- A Non Muslim who is learning about Islam

Tammy :
- For a Muslim who is conveying Allah's word : May allah [swt]reward all youir efforts -ameen-.
- For a non Muslim : May Allah[swt] guide you if he wills- Ameen-.

IslamWay Editor : My Dear Sister .. May Allah reward you .. and may Allah keep you in the straight path .. Ameen !

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