Ayesha a 14 years old New Muslimah!

Since 2001-01-19

Here is an Interview between us and Sister Stephanie (She is now 'ayesha) a 14 years old Muslimah from England.

- As-Salamu Alaikum

wa alaikum as-salam

- Dear sister, would you mind giving our readers a brief introduction about yourself?

My Name is 'Ayesha (Stephanie). I am a UK citizen living near London. I am 14 years old and still studying in school. I accepted Islam few days ago.

-Do you remember the first time you heard about a religion called Islam?

Yes, it was when I moved to London. I moved to a place where this is a large Muslim community. Most of my friends are Muslim.

-When did you move? How many years ago was this?

It was about two years ago.

- What were the things that you liked or admired about your Muslim friends? What kind of influence or impact did they have on you in regards to Islam?

I liked the way they always talked about their God, with pride and admiration. I liked the way they explained their religion, it made sense.

- What made you think that Christianity was not the right religion for you?

It didn't make sense to me.

- Some people say that Islam oppresses women. They think that the Muslim woman appears to be a slave to the Muslim man. People have a lot of misconceptions about Islam. Did you ever believe in any of these misconceptions? Do you think that Islam oppresses women or limits their freedom? Do you believe Islam has a bad view on women?

I never believed these misconceptions because I don't believe anything without seeing the two points of view. I like seeing both sides of the issue. Unfortunately, many people do not do this and believe what they hear or read straight away. I think that is wrong. Also I have seen many non Muslim women being treated as slaves by men.

- Allah ordered women to wear the Hijab. Do you think that this is unfair or do you think that this oppressive to women? Be open and frank with your response.

I don't think that when a woman covers her body it is oppressive to her. I believe that Allah would have known what was best which is to protect women.

- Many Muslim women do not wear Hijab, covering their bodies except for their face and hands, despite the fact that they know that is a command from Allah. What advice can you give them and what is your opinion on this?

You cannot only do part of what is ordered for you to do. For example, if you are asked by your parents to make a cup of tea, you wouldn't boil the water only but you would have to continue making the cup of tea by adding the tea bag and the sugar and putting it in the cup. These Muslim women should follow all of Allah's commands not just do half or part of what is ordered for them to do.

- Did your family accept you becoming a Muslimah?

I haven't told them, just in case something goes wrong and because I do not have all the knowledge yet.
( Note : Recently the Sister told her father and He didn't mind walhamdulillah )

- If you moved to an Islamic Community will you wear the Islamic dress for women, wearing Hijab?Yes, because it is one of the commands of Allah.
( Note : Now the Sister is already wearing it )

- Is it easy to practice Islam? Did you discover any new feelings that you never felt before or not yet?

It isn't that easy to practice Islam, unless you put your whole heart and soul into it. If you just think, or its nothing to you, you will find it difficult. But if you think about Allah and about your actions you will find it more easy. When I converted, a few days afterwards I felt as though something had wiped over my mind and my heart, I felt different although I act the same in most ways. It is as though I am carefree and not trapped by any means.

- If I told you that Allah will accept your wish now, what would you wish?

For peace and brotherhood across the world and for everyone to be shown the right way, as many people have never heard of Islam.

- Do you plan to invite people to join Islam , or you will just practice the religion and not spread the knowledge of Islam to others ?

I will invite people when I have the knowledge to back up what I'm telling them.

- Yes, it is already written in the Qur'an. To invite people to Islam with knowledge.

I didn't know that!

- We want three messages from you to:
1- The Callers to Islam.
2- Muslim Women.
3- Non Muslim Women.

1. Keep up the good work! :)))
2.Keep your faith strong and Allah will reward you
3. Do you really know that you are on the correct path, study Islam closer and you will discover which is the correct path and Allah will save you.

May Allah reward you Sister , wa As-Salamu Alaikum wa rahmatu Allah

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