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Imam Sufyan Abu ‘Abdillah al-Thawri the Leader of the Believers in Hadith, The Ascetic of the Ummah, and its Faqīh, said

Imam Sufyan Abu ‘Abdillah al-Thawri (radhy Allahu ‘anhu) (died 167 AH), the Leader of the Believers in Hadith, The Ascetic of the Ummah, and its Faqīh, said:

“It used to be said that Good Character extinguishes the Anger of Allah, the Mighty, the Exalted.”

Indicating here not only the great virtue of having good character and manners, and not to under-estimate their worth in the erasing of sins, but also that the Salaf  used to consider that they were living in very bad times ie increased fitnah, a lack of sunnah, a lack of good character amongst the people. So if that was then, then what of our situation in these times!?

“Increase in (the knowledge of) Hadith as it is a weapon (for you).”

And this was the way of the early people. The strength of the religion was seen as what was authentic to the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), and authenticity in ones worship, was found in these correct traditions (hadith). That is why the Ahl’l-Sunnahhave always been considered to be those who followed the People of Hadith.

“Wealth is called Mal because it deviates (yameelu) the hearts.”

Money is of course a necessity for daily life, but it is well known that it takes one away from the worship of Allah if the desire for it is not controlled and one starts to concentrate on increasing one’s wealth by sacrificing all of his precious time in this limited life. And know that wealth is the greatest of temptations, and that is why themal makes the heart move, or incline, or deviate away (yameelu) from the path of righteousness and piety, except on him whom Allah showers His Mercy upon.

“Whoever is starving and does not ask (for food) and dies thereof, will enter the fire.”

Explaining the true reality of tawakkul and having trust in Allah. It is upon the people to take from the different ways (asbab) made available to us to get through life safely and healthily, for this is not the religion of monasticism and extremism, but rather the Deen of the middle, balanced way.

“Decrease your fame with the people, and your being slandered will also decrease.”

Wanting to be popular amongst the people is bad enough, with all the risks of falling into Riya’ and showing off etc, but also, the more well known that you are, the more the people will talk, and the more that people talk, the more they will end up “taking you down”. The Salaf always used to say, To not be known to anyone is the greatest of blessings.”

“Oh Bikr, take from this world for your body, and from the Hereafter for your heart.”

What is meant here is to take and use just enough of what is necessary from this world from food, drink and clothing, so as to maintain your body and strength in its affairs. As for maintaining and indeed saving your heart, then it should be totally immersed in the remembrance of the Hereafter, and be away from the issues of the dunya. And this is from the greatest of advice.

(Taken from Hilyat’l-Awliya’, V. 6 & 7)

Source: Prophetic Guidance

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