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She said, while shedding the tears of remorse: The story began with a spontaneous phone call...

All praise is due to Allah alone, and prayers and peace of Allah be upon His servants whom He chose.

Boy of dreams:
She said, while shedding the tears of remorse: The story began with a spontaneous phone call that developed till it became a false love story. He deluded me with love and engagement … He asked to meet me … I refused … He threatened that he would leave me! Threatened me with cutting the relation! So, my will became weak… I sent to him my picture with rosy perfumed message! … Messages became continuous… He asked me to get out with him … I strongly refused … He threatened me with the pictures, perfumed messages and my voice in the phone (he was recording it). I got out with him provided returning as quickly as possible… I returned … but it was with shame … I said to him: “Marriage … Shame …” But he answered me in the utmost disdain and sarcasm: “I do not marry a harlot…”
My generous sister,
Did you see the end of these prohibited relations?
So, you should be very attentive and beware of indulging in these relations. Also, you should beware most of the bad (girl) friends and being withdrawn by them to some of these mean relations after decorating it in your eyes and saying to you that you will not face the fate of others (i.e. shame and other things).
Beware of believing this, because this is from the plots and intrigues of Satan. The end of the prohibited relations are always like this mentioned one or even worse.
Also, you should beware of believing one of those criminals who play with people’s honors; they are the same in their lowness, perfidy and lie regardless of how much they pretend truthfulness and sincerity. The aim of those people is always one, and it is known aim is not obscure for the prudent person. How much we heard, like others, about their repulsive crimes with girls!
Unfortunately, some girls (may Allah guide them) do not have lessons of the scandals that they hear about others or believe what is said to them unless they become victims to those criminals and be indulged with them in a catastrophe or scandal. Only at this time, she wakes up from her inattentiveness and becomes regretful for her doing. At this time, she hopes getting out this dilemma and scandal, but it is too late! Hence, why?!
It was more appropriate for whoever indulged in such thing (if she was prudent) to get away this path from the beginning. There is no need for stubborn and risk in such things; because risk in such affairs is risking with honor, which is the most significant thing woman has and could not be recompensed if it is lost. Who is the girl that wants to lose the dearest thing she has because of a passing whim; makes her life between her family and community in humiliation and meanness; not desired by anybody. She would live, for the rest of her life, vanquished and defeated in her house while who are younger than her are mothers and governesses rising generations.
Therefore; my generous sister, be sane and neglect these relations lest you may be the next victim. Take a lesson from what happened to the others and do not be a lesson to others. You should know that the honorable girl is a precious one; but if she betrayed this honor, she would be low. Therefore, you should keep yourself honorable and generous and do not cause lowering or degrading your value.
My generous sister,
Do not believe that a marriage could be gained through mischievous phone calls; because the men who make such mischievous phone calls always say (when they are asked to marry):
How I could trust a gullible girl and how I could trust who renounced her honor in some day!
As long as usually this is the response, the sane girl, who cares for her honor and chastity, should leave these relations in order not to be impelled to hear such painful response and to guard her honor and chastity as long as she is able to guard them. Suppose that marriage occurred as a result to phone calls relation; its fate is always loss and failure, because of the numerous doubts and accusations which will follow.
You should not believe what is repeated by the allegers of progress who are called ‘The propagandists of liberating women’ about the necessity of having love before marriage. Indeed, the truthful love is after marriage only. The other love is always false love based on illusions and lies just for having pleasure and satisfying the sexual desire; it crashes quickly to reveal the facts and uncover what is hidden.
My generous sister,
If you want pleasure in this life and hereafter too, safety from Allah’s wrath and punishment, wining His Paradise and satisfaction and living honorable noble life in this worldly life, you should follow this advice:
- Beware of the phone calls, because they are recorded by Allah Almighty and are recorded by the devil men ‘The allegers of love’ to use them as a weapon for exerting pressure upon you or hurting your reputation and honor.
- Beware of taking pictures or films; because in addition to its being prohibited and its doer is cursed by Allah, it is one of the most dangerous weapons used by the wolves’ men to compel, threaten and raven the victim.
- Beware of writing love messages; because they are also among their means for threat and exerting pressure.
- Beware of the dissolute magazines, novels and songs.
- Beware of the evil misguiding series and films, which are usually reason for corruption and deviation. You should substitute them with the beneficial books and magazines and the Islamic records that benefit your religion and your worldly life too.
- Beware of putting on makeup and removing your veil. Putting on makeup is a sign for the ignorance of woman, weakness of her faith and imperfection of her character. Furthermore; it is social and psychological decline and call for whoredom and corruption; also, it is act contrary to the Islamic manners and etiquettes. You should keep up your veil; because it is chastity and pureness besides its being honor and respect to you, it is not constriction upon you as the people of evil, corruption and the enemies of Islam claim. Veil is the greatest proof of your faith and good manners and behaviors; furthermore, it is distinction between you and the dissolute naked women.
- Beware of all sins and offenses; because, by Allah, they are reason for losing the graces and having the indignations and catastrophes besides their being reason for man’s misery and unhappiness in the worldly life and hereafter too.
Dear kind sister, remember that you will leave this world soon. Therefore, if you committed sins, you should quickly repent sincere repentance before it is too late. By Allah, I am an advisor who sympathizes with you.
And prayers and peace of Allah be upon our Prophet, Muhammad, and all his family and companions.
Compiled by: Al-Watan House



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