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My Muslim sister this message is directly sent to you in relation to veil and grooming, everyone know that woman grooming is the cause of all disasters in many Islamic countries, there is no doubt that is a great misdeed and the cause of punishment and ne


Praise be to Allah, and peace and prayers be upon his prophet, then

My Muslim sister this message is directly sent to you in relation to veil and grooming, everyone know that woman grooming is the cause of all disasters in many Islamic countries, there is no doubt that is a great misdeed and the cause of punishment and nemesis, this message shows the merits of veil and its conditions, also warning of grooming and its consequences. We pray for Allah to make our Islamic sister make use of this message.

Hijab is worship not a habit.

The propagandist of deviation and corruption people always tries to defame veil, claim that it is the cause woman's retroaction ,it restrain her freedom and they encourage her for grooming and not wearing a veil for being civilized and free, But they don't want any good for women, contrary to what some idiots may think, but they want the destruction of women, spoiled her life, destruct her chastity so be careful .Don't you ever be deceived by that sweet talk, stick to your religion and your veil, be sure that veil is more supreme than of all that, first before everything it's not only an worship of Allah, and obedience to his messenger .It's not a hobby you can leave but it's chastity and purity. Usually woman hasn't the right to leave it whenever she wants, but it's a chastity, purity and modesty.

Muslim sister, God has commanded you to wear veil to be pure, clean, and innocent and protect your body from harm or dirty work of the insulting words, He want that for your superiority. Veil is honor and it's not a mean to limit your freedom, but it's great evidence of your discipline, belief to Allah, your morality and it distinguish you of jades and prostitute.

Beware, Never disregard or repudiate your veil or you'll receive a great wrath and punishment of Allah and the woman who kept her veil will increase God's satisfaction to her and get closer to Allah

Veil terms:

The veil for Muslim woman should be thick, not transparent and shouldn't be for adornment that had many colors draw attention not, not narrow nor dress fame or perfumed because the prophet has forbidden for a woman to perfume and go out to a place where foreigners are there .The prophet Muhammad peace and prayers be upon him said: “Any woman who puts on perfume then passes by people so that they can smell her fragrance, is an adulterous. [Declared authentic by Al-Albani]


‹‹ أيما امرأة استعطرت ، فمرت على قوم ليجدوا ريحها فهي زانية››
صححه الألباني

And not like men's clothes, it also should cover her entire body including the face, which uncovered some leeway, woman under the pretext that it is not A'wra (foreigners men shouldn't see it, unless if he were one of the forbidden)

How come the woman's face is not considered A'wra? It's the greatest temptation in woman, a place where complex beauty if a man didn't tempt with him? There have been many verses in The Holy Qur'an and Sunnah which indicates that woman should cover her entire body because woman is A'wra and it's not right for men who are foreigners to see her ,The evidence says: “and to wrap [a portion of] their head covers over their chests” [Al-Noor 24:31]


{وَلْيَضْرِبْنَ بِخُمُرِهِنَّ عَلَىٰ جُيُوبِهِنَّ}
النور: 31


When Surat al-Nur was revealed - ( . . . that they should draw their veils over their bosoms . . .) - their menfolk went to them and recited to them the words that Allah (SWT) had revealed. Each man recited it to his wife, his daughter, his sister and other female relatives. Every woman among them got up, took her wrapper, and wrapped herself up in it out of faith and belief in what Allah (SWT) had revealed.

So every Muslim woman must fear God and commit to her fully veil nor disregard; for instance reveal your hand or arms, or a veil to provoke temptation which show a large part of her face, or covering her face or transparent cover and then think that she wore a fully veil and what she reveal of her body is a simple matter doesn't raise sedition or isn't considered finery reprehensible and that they must be careful to avoid anything that might affect the headscarf or scratching her modesty in order not to be coveted by the indecent men as they did to the woman who didn't wear full veil and as not to expose themselves to the wrath and punishment of God as the messenger of Allah reported in verse : The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "There are two types of people of Hell women who are clothed yet naked, walking gait wearing see divination slash will not enter Paradise nor even smell its fragrance, although its fragrance there from such and such" [Muslim]

‹‹صنفان من أهل النار لم أرهما...ونساء كاسيات عاريات مميلات مائلات. رؤوسهن كأسنمة البخت المائلة . لا يدخلن الجنة ولا يجدن ريحها . وإن ريحها لتوجد من مسيرة كذا وكذا››
رواه مسلم

Like shaykhs said: the meaning of naked in clothes that they wear clothes, but may be tight or transparent or not-cover the entire body.

Shaykh Mohammed bin Uthaymeen about legal veil replied:

Right to say that the legal veiled secure woman to men attraction in their opinion, the greatest thing in this is the face she should cover it and foreigners men shouldn't see hers unless if he were one of the forbidden, but who said that the Islamic veil is to cover her hair and show her face it's heresy, which one is more desirable; her face or her hair?? Which is the most desirable for a man who is proposing to a woman to ask bout; face or hair?

Both questions cannot be answered except be: That In the face. There is no doubt, that man wants a woman if her face was beautiful, even if She has no hair, do not want her if she was very ugly, In fact, the Islamic veil is obscured women So do not get their rift or the, is no doubt that this is related to Face

Grooming and unveiling of the face is an invitation to immorality and corruption:

if the woman has been uncovered and grooming in front of all men this would be an evidence of her ignorance and weakness of her faith, lack of character and the beginning of lost with her wanton she revealed herself descend to the level of the lowest rank of Rights It is indeed, the decline and social and psychological decay, and an invitation to immorality and corruption, an act contrary with the Islamic ethics and morality, and against the principle of nature.

Who tempted by the devil with adornments: fear God and repent to him from this Ugly work, and get to know your destiny, remember being alone in the dark grave , being in front of Allah ,the terrors of Dooms day, Allah has prepared for hell and the torment of those who disobey him sad bucking . Remember all this before going ahead with such a work, and remember that you is too weak to stand something from the punishment of God, hurry to sincere repentance in order not to regret.

A word to a man

It did not spoil the most women, did not reach this level of wanton display and unveiling their religion, only because of her men neglects with their wives, and because that men don't be jealousy and don't ban their woman from such acts.

How many men lost their manhood until they become semi-men, then woe to those who do not know the dignity, and keep their flock, and proficient?

To do what God give them of women, and has vowed to Allah the excess of his flock in the right

He said:" There is no slave who is a shepherd, and is responsible for his flock, if he was not honest to them, died the day he dies, Allah has forbidden Paradise to him "[narrated by Muslim]


‹‹ما من عبد يسترعيه الله رعية ، يموت يوم يموت وهو غاش لرعيته ، إلا حرم الله عليه الجنة››
رواه مسلم

Men, your honor like your souls, but you neglect it and lost the honest .peace and prayers be upon our prophet Muhammad and upon his family.

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