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The Night of Al-Qadr

Allah Glorified and Exalted has revealed the Noble Quran in a blessed night, it is the best of nights. It is a night which is distinguished by Allah in preference to the other nights. ... more

Taraweeh Prayer

The Taraweeh prayers... Its merit – The reasons that facilitate it – Mistakes committed in it ... more

Praying at night

Verily, praying at night is one of the best acts of obedience and the most exalted worship after the obligatory prayers ... more

The Virtue of Night Prayer

Nigh prayer...Importance, facilitating steps to it and the ranks of the righteous forefathers in it. ... more

A different Ramadan this year

Ramadan is the month of victory in all levels... Ramadan is a chance to enhance our personalities to the better... That's why we have devised for you fellow Muslim observing fast, a daily program. ... more