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it is (Death!) Destroyer of creatures... Desolator of countries... Maker of orphans... Degrader of the strong tyrants... It does not know the young... It does not distinguish between the mean and the honorable... It does not show favor for those of sublim ... more

This is for you: The joy of my eye

For you my son I am writing these words, which throb with compassion and advice? truth and sincerity... hoping that you will find the right path that would direct you to righteousness and shows you guidance. ... more

Eid al-Fitr 1431 Hijri year

O beloved, the Eid is a season for joy and happiness. The joys of Muslims and their happiness are but with the satisfaction of their Creator. The Eid is not, as a lot of people think, confined to food and drinks, to games and new cloth. It is, in addition to all that, days of praising Allah, of saying, “Allah is Great”, of remembering Allah, and of saying, “There is no god but Allah.” ... more

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