A heart that cannot be barred

Patience in resisting desires is easier than patience in dealing with the consequences that result from going along with desires. ... more

The Heart’s & Body’s Relief Lies in Obeying Allah

The servant surrenders and submits himself before his Lord and Master and emerges in a state of quietude and peace, looking on at Him with his heart; his soul at rest. ... more

The Muslim woman path to happiness

The most important thing that characterizes Muslims; whether a man or a woman, whose hearts are attached to Allah, and who apply His Shari'a (set of laws) in their lives, is the psychological ease and inward tranquility. ... more

Sincerity is the Pearl of the Hearts

O my brother: let's stop to cure the ill souls. Let's stop to reform the cruel hearts. Let's stop to refine the low intentions. ... more

O Heedless, Be careful!

How bad the way of sins is! What a loss is the outcome of it! Its committer lives in distress and its seeker lives in weariness. Its relief is a fake mirage and its misery is a true certainty. ... more

Keep your heart alive

How can you make your heart safe and sound throbbing with faith and life? ... more

Have you checked your heart?

This is for you; righteousness seeker: to take a new stand of self-questioning, so make sure it would be an honest stand. ... more

The Spy of the Heart

Singing leads to many damages and evils; Singing spoils minds, kills shyness and dignity. It also leads to take out jealousy and the light of faith from hearts. Anyone who listens to singing, it makes him close to Satan and away from Allah. ... more

Why do they weep and I do not?

One of the reasons that cause success in our lives and religion is that one should be honest to himself all along, and not to seek excuses for himself so that he is not surprised by death, then he regrets when regret is in vain. ... more

Message for purifying the self

These are few words and little sentences of knowledge. However, they are very important, because they are the guidelines of Ahlul Sunnah Wa Al-Jama'ah concerning behavior and recovering the selves and purifying them to enable them to acquire the essence ... more

The suffering of a young man

This story is from our bitter reality, it is not fiction woven, it is the condition of many of our youth... very unfortunately. ... more

Reasons of heart hardness

And because the heart has this importance, it is necessary to know the reasons of its sickness, spoilt and death in order to determine the suitable cure for these diseases which provoke the heart and affect its course. ... more

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