Welcome Ramadan

Since 2003-07-01
Welcome Ramadan

Praise and thank Allah that he enabled you to approach Ramadan. An-Nawawi, may Allah have mercy upon him, said in his book 'Al-Athkar': "It should be known to you that if one receives an apparent favor, or is relieved of an apparent disfavor, he should prostrate out of gratitude to Allah Almighty, or praise Him as much as is fitting His Glory." One of the greatest favors Allah confers upon a servant is to enable him to obey and worship Him. Just the emergence of Ramadan upon a Muslim while being in good health is a great favor, which deserves gratitude and gratefulness to Allah, its Giver, and Grantor out of His Grace: all praise be to Allah, as much, good and blessed as is fitting for the Glory of His Countenance and the Magnificence of His Authority."

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