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  • The Virtue of the Ten Days of Dhul-Hijjah
    Muhammad Bin Salih Al-Uthaimeen
    It is Allah’s favor upon us that He made seasons for His righteous worshippers to increase in their pious deeds. from these seasons: The ten days of Dhul-Hijjah.
    Published at: 10 Muharram 1434 | Views Count: 1795
  • Rulings on Ramadan for Women
    Muhammad Bin Salih Al-Uthaimeen
    Published at: 10 Safar 1434 | Views Count: 15761
  • 21 Advices to pray Fajr
    Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid
    A brother complained: I miss salaat al-Fajr on most days, and I hardly ever pray it at the right time. Usually I do not wake up until after the sun has risen, or at best I wake up after the time for praying fajr in jamaa'ah. I have tried to wake up at the
    Published at: 4 Muharram 1434 | Views Count: 6488
  • Weakness of Faith phenomenon
    Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid
    The phenomenon of weakness of belief had been spread among Muslims. Many Muslims complain the hardness of their hearts and say: “I feel hardness in my heart,” “I do not feel the sweetness of performing the acts of worship,” “I feel that my belief had gotten down to the lowest level,” “I do not feel touched by the Holy Qur’an” or “I easily commit sins.” Moreover, the symptoms of this disease clearly appear on many people. Actually this disease is the origin of each disaster and the reason of all defaults and hardships.
    Published at: 3 Muharram 1434 | Views Count: 5460
  • Virtues of Friday
    Islam Q&A
    Published at: 18 Rabi' al-thani 1429 | Views Count: 2021
  • The intention to fast Ramadan
    Published at: 10 Safar 1434 | Views Count: 2382
  • What’s Your Morning Routine?
    There’s something about starting your day on a number of pre-planned actions that really set your day straight.
    Published at: 8 Safar 1434 | Views Count: 2238
  • A Description of Hellfire (part 2 of 5)
    Published at: 27 Jumada al-thani 1429 | Views Count: 730
  • Prophetic Reflections on Ramadaan
    Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
    Published at: 10 Safar 1434 | Views Count: 795
  • The value of Fajr & 'Asr prayers
    Our subject matter in this short pamphlet is about the virtues of Fajr and 'Asr prayers, which Allah has ordered us to perform, so he said: “and exalt [Allah] with praise of your Lord before the rising of the sun and before its setting, [Qaf 50:39]
    Published at: 15 Muharram 1434 | Views Count: 12451
  • Make Ramadan a special month
    Ramadan has come and Allah gave you the boon of living its days and nights, so you should praise Allah almighty for that. And in order to gain the joy of Ramadan and seek Allah's bounties in it, I provide to you some quick tips. May Allah almighty help us
    Published at: 27 Dhu al-Hijjah 1433 | Views Count: 1214
  • The Believer and Paradise (part 4 of 8)
    From: The Journey into the Hereafter
    The believers will be ushered on towards the grand eight gates of Paradise. There, they will receive a joyous angelic reception and be congratulated on account of their safe arrival and salvation from Hell.
    Published at: 19 Muharram 1434 | Views Count: 610

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