Category: Islamic History

Philanthropy in Islamic Civilization

It is not possible for a person discussing our immortal civilization and its impressions, to lose sight of one such peculiarity of our civilization in which it stands out among civilizations. This peculiarity is the love of man. Our civilization ridding mankind of hatred, malice, dissention ...

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Omar and the Egyptian: Unparalleled Justice

        A man from the Copts(1)came to Omar ibn al-Khattab(2)in Al-Madinah(3), and said, "O Commander of the Faithful! I seek refuge in you from oppression." Omar replied, "You have sought refuge where it is to be sought." The Egyptian said, "I was racing the son of `Amr ibn al-`Aas(4), and ... Continue Reading

History of Islam in Tanzania

The earliest concrete evidence of Muslim presence in East Africa is the foundation of a mosque in Shanga on Pate Island where gold, silver and copper coins dated AD 830 were found during an excavation in the 1980's. The oldest intact building in East Africa is a functioning mosque at Kizimkazi ... Continue Reading

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