To the jewel of the society

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In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Praise be to Allah alone, and peace and blessings be upon him after whom there is no other prophet…

Oh! Jewel of this Nation, preserved of this religion, the fortress of this strong Islamic society, O you who are guarded by goodness and whose faith is cherished: all the jewels can be recompensed if they are stolen, lost or broken except you. Who can compensate us of the Muslim woman, the honorable, the chaste, and the pure?

You, my sister in Islam are a protected pearl, a cherished jewel, without Islam, you are but a toy in the hand of every wicked evil doer, a puppet and a cheap article that are being traded in, or rather being played by human wolves. They deprive her from chastity and dignity and then they throw her out as they throw the kernel.

The difference between the veiled, pure, honorable, chaste woman and the unveiled woman who displays herself wantonly is like the difference between the preserved jewel and the flower, which is in the middle of the road... The veiled woman is preserved in her veil and is kept safe from the hands of the triflers and their eyes.

But the unveiled woman who displays herself wantonly is like the rose in the roadside which has no one to preserve or assist her, so how quickly the hands of the triflers reach for it, then they play with it and enjoy its beauty for free, and when it wilts and dies, they throw it down and people tread on it by their feet. So, what would you choose my Muslim sister?

Know, my Muslim sister that the scholars of religion have assigned eight terms for the veil, so make sure that you memorize them and act accordingly:

First: the veil must cover all and the full body with no exceptions; the face, the two hands, the two feet and the two arms are all from the private parts that must be covered.

Second: the veil must not be an adornment in itself, like that it be decorated, colored with attractive colors, or plaid with silver or golden threads.

Third: it must be thick, strong and not transparent.

Fourth: it must be loose, boggy and not tight lest it would depict some part of her body or that it would show the charm places of her body.

Fifth: the clothes must not be scented or perfumed.

Sixth: the clothes must not be like those of men.

Seventh: the clothes must not be like those of the infidel women: as being short.

Eighth: it must not be a dress of fame, as the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, has said: "if anyone wears a garment for gaining fame, Allah will clothe him in a disgrace garment on the Day of Resurrection, and then He will inflame it with fire" [Authentic: Narrated by Abu Dawûd].

«من لبس ثوب شهرة ألبسه الله يوم القيامة ثوبا مثله ثم تلهب فيه النار وفي لفظ ثوب مذلة» رواه أبو داود، صحيح

O sister, you are more honorable than to be seen by the eyes of the licentious… and you are more precious than to be devoured by the human wolves of the market places… so do not open the evil door by taking off the veil.

O sister… beware of messing with the garment of chastity and decency... It is the symbol of purity and chastity… messing with it is messing with honor and dignity.

And prayers and peace of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad, and upon all his family and companions.

Ibn Khuzaymah House

Translated by Wathakker Website

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