Zionism - XV. The Paradox of Zionist Generosity.

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The Zionists have been known for their opportunistic tactics and deceitful maneuvering in order to achieve their aims. Hence, their exploitation of the Kosovan catastrophe to draw sympathy towards Israel is not an exception.

The Zionist and pro-Zionist propaganda is exerting great efforts to exploit the miseries of the terrorized Kosovars to highlight the suffering of Jews on the hands of the Nazis.

By doing so, they are trying to achieve three main aims:
(1) Revitalizing sympathy of the western world for the Zionist cause and State through reviving the Holocaust by investing on the real Holocaust of miserable Kosovars. The Zionists seem to have overlooked the fact that it is not only the Jews who suffered on the hands of the Nazis but other people also as stated in the following excerpt from (Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol.16, P.863):
"2,000,000 prisoners of war and some 7.500,000 foreign civilian men, women, children- Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, French, Belgians, Dutch, Danes, Norwegians, Luxembourgers, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, Yugoslavians, Greeks, Italians, and Algerians... Almost all of the millions were rounded up by force… and put to work in factories, mines, and fields under conditions, which were degrading and brutal.…

(2) There is a second reason behind this "humanitarian" Zionist generosity via helping in accommodating a little over a hundred Kosovan refugees out of the many displaced hundreds of thousands to a kibbutz in Palestine. They are only doing so to cover up their own atrocities against the Palestinians and the lasting calamity of more than two million Palestinian refugees, who were forced out of their land and now denied the right to come back to their stolen homes.

(3) The Zionists also aim to maintain the feeling of guilt of previous Nazi countries by keeping them under moral pressure.

Palestinians have experienced on the hands of the Zionists atrocities similar to those of the Kosovars. Below, I will just give a list that could work as a sample of the Zionists' criminal acts, providing that they are the last people to claim respect for human rights.

- In December 31st, 1947, the Haganah attacked Baldet Al-Shaykh and undiscriminating butchered 600 civilians, including old, young, male and females.

- Moshe Dayan, a former Israeli defense minister, and his commandos committed a massacre at Allud City where 426 Palestinians were killed, 176 of them were chased into one of the mosques.

- In November 3, 1956, the Zionist army was involved in genocide where 250 Palestinian refugees were slaughtered in Khan Yunis. Only nine days later, 275 were also killed at the same refugee camp.

- In Deir Yassein, in April 4, 1948, the National Zionist Organization (Irgun Zvai Leumi), the Haganah and Shitreen Zionist Organization led by the one to be later the Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin participated in one of the most vicious and cold blooded massacres against 360 Palestinians, most of whom were children, elderly people and women (Al-Mujtama', May 12,1998, pp.22-23).

- The list can go on to include the manslaughter taking place in Sabra and Shatila refugee camp in September 18th, during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon of 1982 where hundreds of Palestinians were mercilessly killed.

- Even the UN refugee Camps were not spared; Cana refugee camp was attacked by the Israeli army and hundreds of refugees were left dead at the sight of the whole world. (From Beirut to Bosnia, A Documentary Film by Robert Fisk).

Can people with such a bloody history, with similar inhumane practices, (not very dissimilar from those implemented by the Serbs) have the credibility to arrogantly speak to the world about their exaggerated suffering while imposing the most arrogant brutality on the Palestinians, stripping them of their land and demolishing their houses? If the Serbs are committing ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, the Israelis have been doing the same for more than 50 years in Palestine. What a paradox?

Even in the midst of these atrocities committed against Kosovars, the Zionist-controlled western media has not ceased to pour out its deceptively furious propaganda on the Holocaust and the Arab threat to Israel; it is still doing so on a larger scale and in the most biased manner. The media often tries to portray the persecuted poor Palestinian children as extremists, while the Zionist are often described as democratic and heroic, while they are shooting at unarmed protesting Palestinians.

Professor Israel Shahak, a critic of the discriminatory Israeli policies against the Palestinians, was most concerned about the misleading American media reports calculated to deceive the American people regarding the intentions and the actions of the Jewish State. He cited an example of such deception by saying: "To take only the most salient example: the four billions of U.S. dollars which are seed of the special relationship are also enabling fund for annexation and colonization of the West Bank- a process from which official America then 'officially' dissociates itself. Analogues of the same hypocrisy can be found all over the mass media and academia" (In Hetchens' Prepared for the Worst, P.37).

While the whole world is busy with the unprecedented catastrophe of the Kosovars, the Israeli leaders have not changed their method of brutality by launching military attacks at Arnoun. By doing so, they drove the people of their homes and occupied the town.

Dr. Abdallah H. Al-Kahtany
* from his book new zionism

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