Zionism - VIII. Expansionist Steps to Fulfill the Devilish Dream

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The last essay focused on the issue related to the Zionists' ambitions in establishing their state on the larger scale claimed to be promised in the Old Testament from the Nile to the Euphrates. This essay will be concerned with the possibility of expanding the current occupied Muslim land to achieve the Zionist dream.

For the past one hundred years, the Zionists have proved that they were very serious about accurate planning and strong commitment in executing that in which they believed. In a gradual process to accomplish their larger goal of Greater Israel, they accepted the UN resolution for partition in 1947.

However, as soon as they had the chance to exceed the boundaries drawn by the UN, they expanded their control to seize all Palestine and ruthlessly invaded neighboring Arab countries. This hostility resulted in the seizure of the Golan Heights from Syria and the forceful abduction of Sinai from Egypt in 1967. They also occupied the rest of Palestine including all of Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The second step was the neutralization of the most influential and militarily capable Arab country by signing the 1979-peace treaty with Egypt. By doing so Israel achieved one of its most important aims of fragmenting the Arab front at both political and military fields. Such strategic step gave the Zionists the courage to invade Lebanon in 1982 and commit unimaginable atrocities. As a result of this invasion they were able to drive the PLO from Lebanon and secure most needed water resources as well on the expanse of thousands of people in southern Lebanon and Sabra and Shatila.

A third step was taken toward achieving the dream when the majority of Arab countries including the PLO were dragged into recognizing Israel's right for existence as an independent state right after the PLO had accepted Oslo Accords in 1993. Some went even farther to normalize relations and establish political and economical ties with Israel.

The fourth and probably the most dangerous step is the plan to change the geographic as well as the demographic structure of Jerusalem which has started since the Israeli invasion of Jerusalem during the 1967 war.

In June 18th, 1998, Netanyahu announced the plan to expand the municipal boundaries of the city to be six times the current area and attract 60,000 new settlers. As Netanyahu stated, it is a move aimed at fulfilling the promise he had made to the Jewish people of asserting the status of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jews. This move to expand the boundaries of Jerusalem was preceded by two very dangerous steps: (a) The tunnel which was dug beneath Al-Masjed Al-Aqsaa (The Furthest Mosque). (b) Unleashing settlers at Abu Ghunaim Mountain, which resulted into the suspension of the application of Oslo Accord and the freezing of peace talks.

Moreover, Netanyahu arrogantly expressed his pride in taking such a decision, which reinforces the status of Jerusalem as the historical capital of the Jewish people. He emphasized that Jerusalem will not be divided. The mayor of Jerusalem referred to the step as "a historic start". A start for what!!, It is a symbolic move for the intention to release the plan for Greater Israel. According to the expansion plot, Jerusalem will occupy about 10% of the total area of the West Bank. By doing so, the demographic distribution of Jews in Jerusalem will change their status from a minority into a majority and therefore, allow them to have full control of the city at all levels. (This is one of the tactics proposed a century ago by Herzl to strip the Palestinians out of their demographic power in Palestine).

Another pressing question is that "Why did the Israelis announce the expansion decision at this time while the peace treaty with the Palestinians has not been fully implemented?".
The answer to this question is multifold:
(a) The Zionists think that this is a golden chance to invest in the salient division among the Arab states and their inability to form a united front to hinder the Zionist move.

(b) They concocted this plan to put more hurdles on the way of peace talks with the Palestinians and hence prevent the remaining substantial applications of Oslo Accord which was only a tactic to absorb the outrage of Muslims after the Gulf War II.

(c) The Zionist government thought it is the right time to achieve a very important episode of the Zionist dream of establishing Greater Israel by uniting Jerusalem and then converting it into a Zionist cultural, religious, as well as a political capital.

(d) The current Jewish government is not interested in exchanging land for peace because this contradicts with the dream of greater Israel that is the back of its policy maker's minds. Therefore, continuation in peace talks that will eventually lead to the establishment of the Palestinian State with true sovereignty and independent authority can be a big hurdle in the way of achieving the dream.

(e) Netanyahu aspires to be one of the preeminent Jewish leaders like Herzl, Ben Gurion or Wiesmann; he has two more presidential years to achieve that. The American Jewish lobby celebrated the 50th year after the establishment of the State of Israel with the participation of Netanyahu as the guest of honor. He was viewed by the American Zionist leaders as a national Jewish hero who will implement Zionist aspirations. The American Jewish lobby (AIPAC) played a major role in hindering any successful initiative to salvage the trembling peace talks.

If the Zionists were not planning to expand the boundaries of Israel to fulfill their misinterpreted claimed promise of the Old Testament, then why had they been constantly and arrogantly ignoring the UN resolutions and international outcries opposing Jewish settlements in the occupied land and in Jerusalem in specific?

Dr. Abdallah H. Al-Kahtany
* from his book new zionism


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