The Most Extraordinary Incident Ever!

Since 2002-02-27
I was reading a book in the dining room when the printer started to print. Strangely, my computer was in ANOTHER room and I was the only person in the house. I picked up the message which read:

"The oceans, the insects, the planets and their orbits, the light and the darkness, the air and the water, the perfect flow of the universe, the life, how did it all begin? By accident?"
I quickly went to check who was using my computer. To my surprise, I found my cat playing on the keyboard and just by hitting different keys of the keyboard it produced this message! Unbelievable! I came back to read the message again. It was in plain human language and there was no chance that a cat could have produced it. I have tried to solve this riddle but to no avail, but I remembered later that I was taught at school that this whole universe itself is the result of an accident, the Big Bang! The Big Bang was an explosion that formed the earth, the sun and the planets, and consequently the water, air and the life. Yes it was an accident as said by the scientists. Scientists also agree that every single element in the nature has a purpose and essential role in the smooth flow of the universe. For example if one star leaves its orbit or if the composition of the atmosphere changes slightly it will not support the life as we know it.

But, if an accident produced this perfect universe, why can't I reward my cat as it became the first ever cat that could WRITE (accidently though)? If my cat can't write one paragraph in an accident, how can this faultless universe come out of an accident when there was not even a cat on the keyboard? How can I believe the scientists while I cannot believe my own eyes?

By: Abdulqadir Diriye

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