Revival of Sunnah - #6 The Sunnah of Smiling

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The Sunnah of Smiling

How beautiful would it be if smiling was a characteristic of the Muslim community, for smiles can ease the pains that people live every minute. You don’t have to be free of problems and grief to smile, the Prophet () always smiled even though he was faced by one grief after another.

Abdullah ibn Haarith ibn Juzu’ said: "I have not seen anyone who smiled more than the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ)" (Al-Tirmithi).

The Prophet (ﷺ) made smiling a great deed that results in great reward, he said: «Your smiling in the face of your brother is charity» (Al-Tirmithi).

And do not forget our slogan:

{وَإِنْ تُطِيعُوهُ تَهْتَدُوا}

Translation: {And if you obey him, you will be (rightly) guided} [An-Nur:54].

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