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Shaikh Abu Taubah

Shaikh Abu Taubah

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Abu Taubah was born and raised in New York, he comes from an educated family where his mother was an English teacher turned Principal and his father a politician. He grew up with a love for education, language and teaching. He has been travelling widely around the world from a young age and this led him to a journey of learning about Islam.

Over the years he has met and studied with many scholars, activists and duʿāt. He spent several years studying in rural Mauritania under a number of scholars in the traditional way. He has mastered the Arabic language and its sciences, memorised the Qur'an with ijāzah and has also studied ḥadīth, ʾaqīdah, uṣūl al-fiqh and fiqh.

He is the founder of the Foundation of Islamic Knowledge & Seminary (the FIKS) where he provides online learning of Arabic and Islamic studies to a number of students from around the world.

Ustadh AbuTaubah has recorded a number of programmes including "Glimpses of Qurʾan Juzʾ by Juzʾ", the popular series for Ramadan TV entitled .

Ustadh Abu Taubah currently resides with his family in Orlando, Florida. He is a popular teacher who spends a lot of time travelling to conferences and classes and he is a welcome addition to AlKauthar Institute

Glimpses of the Quran
Glimpses of the Quran - Abu Taubah
Glimpses of Quran is a fantastic 30 part series presented by Ustadh Abu Taubah. Each 25 minute session is delivered in his unique style, reflecting his love for the Quran and helping us to understand the last revelation better. The DVD boxset is a must have for all those who love to benefit from the Quran and are eager to make real in their lives the words of the Prophet (pbuh)
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