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Celebrating the festivals of the kuffaar

It is not permissible for the Muslim to join the kuffaar in their festivals and to express joy and happiness on these occasions, or to take the day off work, whether the occasion is religious or secular, because this is a kind of imitating the enemies of Allaah, which is forbidden, and a kind of co-operating with them in falsehood. It was proven that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

::

Celebrating the festivals of the kuffaar

Be an Ideal Muslim/Muslimah!

Allah the almighty said: {Indeed in the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad, Peace be upon him) you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in (the Meeting with) Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much.}[Al-Ahzab:21].

Islam places great emphasis on manners and on the proper way to deal with others, whether they are Muslims or not.To find out how to be an ideal Muslim or Muslimah, read the following book.

Tame your child's mouth

"What!?" You shift around to glance at your 6-year-old. You give him a heavy stare and then ask again, “What did you say?” He repeats the word again with the casualness of a morning greeting. Your 6-year-old just blurted a word of profanity!

How do you handle this delicate situation? Click HERE to find out..

Christmas - For Muslims??

What is this - Christmas?
The word Christmas comes from the words Cristes maesse, or "Christ's Mass". Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus for members of the Christian religion. Most historians peg the first celebration of Christmas to Rome in 336 A.D.

Muslims Celebrating Christmas - Is This Possible?
While you may find this strange, we have received letters asking about the permissibility of allowing Muslim children and adults to join along Christians in celebrating Christmas; giving gifts, decorating their homes, lighting candles, putting up Christmas trees and lights and greeting each other with "Merry Christmas."

No candles?, No Christmas tree, No sleigh?, No…

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