XIV. The Forgotten Victims of the Holocaust: The Role of Deceptive

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The Role of Deceptive Propaganda…

It is true that non-Aryans under German controlled territories during World War II have suffered discrimination and persecution at the hands of the Nazis, but Zionist leaders in charge of the Jewish ghettos were in close contact with the Nazis despite the propaganda by the Zionist controlled media regarding the burning of millions of Jews in gas chambers?!

. Michael Choukas, in his book (Propaganda Comes of Age, Public Affairs Press, Washington D.C., p. 97) stated that: "most of what was presented in British media during World War II was mere propaganda ploy to intensify public hatred against the German enemies. The propaganda included the British and Zionist allegations that the Germans were making soap from human (Jewish) fat and lampshades from their skins".

In a previous article on the issue, I was able to collect historical evidence that conflicts with the Zionist extreme claims regarding the burning of Jews in gas chambers in Poland. The evidence was partly collected from the report of Fred Lauschter, an American specialist in designing and constructing gas chambers, who visited Auschwitz, the city claimed to be the center of gas chambers where Jews were burnt. After examining these chambers, Lauschter reported that it would be ridiculous to claim that such chambers were used for executing people. An article in the (Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 16, p. 864, 1974) under the subtitle " Nazi Slave Labor" explains the evolution of Nazi death camps.

"In Nazi Germany, concentration camps (Konzentrationslager) were first established for confinement of opponents of the Nazi Party, mostly leaders of the communist and Social Democratic parties. But political opposition soon was enlarged to include others, particularly such persecuted minorities as the Jews. In the anti-Jewish pogrom of 1939, 20,000 Jews were taken into "protective custody" and sent to the concentration camps. By the year1939, six major camps had been established: Dechu, Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald, Mauthausen, Flossenburg, and Rabensburck."

The article goes on to discuss the great need for laborers in Germany during World War II. Nazi authorities turned to the concentration camps to fulfill the need for laborers. Nine more camps were established. Thousands of forced workers, rounded up from countries under Nazi control, were sent to these camps in order to function as auxiliary laborers. The article goes on to report that:
"2,000,000 prisoners of war and some 7.500,000 foreign civilian men, women, children- Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, French, Belgians, Dutch, Danes, Norwegians, Luxembourgers, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, Yugoslavians, Greeks, Italians, and Algerians.… Almost all of the millions were rounded up by force… and put to work in factories, mines, and fields under conditions, which were degrading and brutal.… Toward the end of the war, when food and fuel supplies become exhausted, thousands died of starvation and disease." (p. 863).

It is obvious from the Britannica article that the majority of people forced in the German concentration camps were from around 16 different nationalities. Therefore, the Jews were no more than a minority among them; yet, we have not heard of a Polish, French or Greek holocaust though thousands have died in these camps under severe health and nutrition conditions. Only the Jews seem to clamor against their persecution in the past to promote their cause, while in reality, they were trading on the misfortunes of the Jewish elderly, women, and children to achieve their Zionist ends.

Some extremely important information seem to have been ignored or "concealed" by the Holocaust legend, which was the outbreak of the 'typhus epidemic' during World War II. This epidemic was responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of people, especially those who were living in concentration camps where cleanliness and hygiene were neglected. The Britannica article confirms this when it states that "the allied forces found the sick and the dead lying side by side in barracks. Camp after camp presented the scene of horror".

Qurishi in his research entitled (The Holocaust: Myth or Reality) mentioned that: "new people brought to the camps where stripped, their heads and bodies were shaved and disinfected with something similar to DDT. This disinfecting method might have looked to people who were not able to make any sense of what it like the gassing process." (P.38).

The Zionist-controlled western media has not ceased to pour out its deceptively furious propaganda about the Holocaust and the Arab threat to Israel; it is still doing so on a larger scale and in the most biased manner. The media often try to portray the persecuted poor Palestinian children as extremists, while the Zionist are often described as democratic and heroic, at the same time that they are shooting at unarmed protesting Palestinians.

Professor Israel Shahak, a critic of the discriminatory Israeli policies against the Palestinians, was most concerned about the misleading American media reports calculated to deceive the American people regarding the intentions and the actions of the Jewish State. He cited an example of such deception by saying:
"To take only the most salient example: the four billions of U.S. dollars which are seed of the special relationship are also enabling fund for annexation and colonization of the West Bank- a process from which official America then 'officially' dissociates itself. Analogues of the same hypocrisy can be found all over the mass media and academia." (In Hetchens' Prepared for the Worst, P.37).

Dr. Abdallah H. Al-Kahtany
* from his book new zionism