VI. The United Zionist-Colonial Efforts

The United Zionist-Colonial Efforts & the fragmented Muslim World

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In the aftermath of the World War I and the turmoil of the collapse of the Ottoman Caliphate, the fragmented Muslim World was cut into pieces by colonial powers. Therefore, it was not in a position to rightly respond to the many dramatic catastrophes.

The collusion of most world powerful countries of the time (Great Britain, The United States and France) with the Zionist against the Palestinians and the rest of the Muslim World hindered any successful and united reaction by the Muslims against the Zionist well planned proposal to establish a state in Palestine. All what the Muslims did was, simply condemn the grave atrocities committed against the Palestinians by notorious Zionist militia in addition to some sporadic but extremely unorganized military actions. Nobody thought that such efforts by the Zionists would result into the establishment of a Jewish State in the heart of the Muslim's Holy Land. Moreover, the Muslims lacked an influential Islamic leadership capable of uniting the fragmented Ummah against this vicious Zionist-Crusader invasion.

In a tactical move to appease the anger of the Muslim people and to disavow its responsibility towards the creation of the problem via Balfour Declaration, the British declared their termination of Britain's commitment to Zionism in a document known as the "White Paper" in May 1939. This action left the door wide open for Jewish immigration to Palestine. The decision was in no doubt in the best interest of the Zionists, regardless of a minor displeasure shown by the Jews.

During the years following the White paper, atrocities of extremist and well-organized Zionist guerrilla groups became more violent. The year 1944 witnessed notorious crimes committed against the Palestinians by the Irgun Zvai Leumi terrorist group led by the future Israeli prime minister Manachem Begin, among which the massacre of Dair Yasseen in the 9th of April 1948. In that massacre, Begin and his villains butchered hundreds of civilians including children, old people, and women; even unborn babies were not spared.

As a mere exchange of role among the superpowers, the Zionist were able to secure the support of a more reliable and powerful surrogate mother, the United States of America, with a very well organized and powerful Zionist community that managed to exert great influence on matters related to Palestine.

Zionist efforts to secure the support of the United States started as early as 1897 with the establishment of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). The ZOA played an instrumental role in mobilizing support for the Zionist plans in Palestine. Their influence penetrated U.S. Congress and the Senate to reach the President himself. President Truman was the first to recognize Israel as an independent Jewish State eleven minutes after the Zionist declared the establishment of their state in 15 May 1948.

In May 1942, the American Zionist leaders meeting in Baltimore Hotel in New York City demanded the establishment of a Jewish Commonwealth that is a state in all of western Palestine, as a part of the new world order after World War II. They also approved the establishment of organized military militias lately known as 'Haganah' who played an oppressive role in crushing the Palestinians and driving them out of their homes in order to make room for the newly migrating Jews. Since then, the U.S. has become the most reliable ally to Israel and extended its financial, military as well as full diplomatic support to the Zionist State.

Great Britain contradicted its own decision (the White Paper) by exercising certain measures favoring the Jews and promoting their grab of Palestine. The Labor Party approved a bill in May 1944 to encourage the Palestinians to leave their homeland in front of the new floods of Jewish immigrants. At the same time on the opposite shore of the Atlantic, the American Congress asked the American government to exert all international diplomatic efforts to ease the way for Jewish immigration to Palestine. This was the first step in order to achieve the Zionists immediate goal of turning the country into a Jewish Commonwealth and then hasten the establishment of a Jewish state.

The UN plan of 1947 proposed that, upon termination of the British mandate on May 15,1948, Palestine be partitioned into separate Jewish State with 56% and Palestinians with 43%, with the city of Jerusalem under UN trusteeship. When the General Assembly of the UN proposed then approved the resolution for partition in October 29th, 1947 that was never applied; the Zionists had control over 5% of Palestine only. So, what an unjust decision it was!, Such an international measure worked as a historical landmark to remind the Muslim World that the World Order after the WWII was no different from the one being proposed today. Both have the same features when dealing with Muslims; they use unjust double standards. What was really astonishing was that the Arabs were blamed for not complying with the UN resolution regarding partition; overlooking the fact that the UN was granting a country to the occupiers as a reward for their vicious brutality against the indigenous people. No Muslim could bare the historic responsibility towards the Muslim Ummah and generations to come by trading their Holy Land in order to please the UN. Nevertheless, the Palestinian authority accepted a much lesser share of Palestine in the Oslo Accord, but will never peacefully have the rest.

Another more serious step was taken when the British government ended its mandate over Palestine at the midnight of May 14,1948. Such decision paved the way for the Jews to immediately declare their new Zionist State. The Palestinians were so powerless to gain their independence and consequently have their state while the Jews were having all the military, political and financial support of the world most powerful nations. With the declaration of Israel as a Zionist state in May 15, 1958, the Nakbah (catastrophe) has started and continued for 50 years until now. When it will be cleared out? The answer to such a question is on the hands of Allah the Almighty.

Dr. Abdallah H. Al-Kahtany
* from his book new zionism