IV. Zionist Propaganda & the Myth of the Holocaust

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In continuation of my review of the history of the international Zionist movement, I think it is crucial to reevaluate the strong version of the Zionist claimed Nazi Holocaust. Because of the intensive and exaggerated propaganda around the Holocaust, the Zionist movement was able to attract a lot of sympathy from many internationally influencing countries and sought their support when declared their Zionist state in 1948.

I think it is essential for the respected readers, to rethink the truthfulness of the strong version about the Holocaust.
First: a brief background about the continuous efforts of the Zionists to attract larger numbers of Jewish immigrants under the protection provided by the British mandate over Palestine.

Second: reassessing the truth of the Holocaust by providing evidence that may negate many exaggerated claims by the Zionists.

During the heydays of Yishuv (settlements) around 1935, a more radical Zionist terrorist group emerged. It was called the National Military Organization (Irgun Zvai Leumi). Its major aim was to advocate the establishment of the Jewish state on both sides of the Jordan River. This group was led by the Zionist Ze'ev Vladimir Jobotinsky who later formed the New Zionist party in the late1930s. He devoted himself to a futile campaign to arrange the evacuation of European Jews to Palestine while executing all possible means to terrorize the Palestinians and drive them out of their homes; in order to make space for the flush of immigrating Jews. Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of Jews rushed to Palestine during and aftermath of the World War II as a result of the anti-Zionist sentiments in Europe and not because of Zionist aspiration like that of Zionist leaders.

A few years before World War II (1933), the Nazi regime came to power in Germany and immediately began to take systematic measures against non-Aryans; including communists, Zionists and others. During the years 1941-1944, the Zionist movement accused the Germans of killing six million Jews in concentration camps for the purpose of: (a) drawing sympathy of the Allies who turned out victorious after WW II for the Jews, and (b) hasten the Jews in many countries to immigrate to Palestine in order not face the same destiny as those who were in German controlled areas.

It would be unfair to deny the fact that Jews and other non-Aryans had faced persecution on the hands of the Nazis. However, the count of deaths among the Jews was highly exaggerated for the reasons mentioned below: (1) There is no historical tangible evidence for the strong version of the Holocaust exemplified in the burning of six million Jews in Nazi gas chambers.

(2) Most evidence was based on contradictory testimonies given by Jewish survivors.

(3) There is no census evidence regarding the number of Jewish population living under Nazi controlled countries.

(4) Historical records can only estimate the number of Jews under German controlled areas before World War II to be fewer than four millions. Two millions were able to find their way into the Soviet Union and one million were able to escape the war and were compelled to migrate to Palestine under the influence of Zionist propaganda.

In 1975, Simon Witzntal (a Jewish writer) wrote an article in which he confirmed what the French intellectual Roger Garaudy's supported doubts that the burning of six million Jews by the Nazis was a fabrication and a wild exaggeration. Witzntal argued that the Jewish victims were not burnt in gas chambers in Germany as many were made to believe, but rather in Poland with much smaller number of victims than exaggerated by the international Zionist movement. Fred Lauschter, an American specialist in designing and constructing gas chambers, visited Auschwitz (the city claimed to be the center of gas chambers where Jews were burnt). After examining these chambers, reported that it would be ridiculous to claim that such chambers were used for executing people.

The only evidence collected that Auschwitz was used as a death camp came from the Rudolf Haus's (one of the captured commanders of the Nazi army) confessions that were extracted under sever torture and interrogation by British Intelligence. Such confessions cannot be used as reliable evidence. Especially when having the fact that they contradict with professional opinions. The estimated number of Jews killed during the war was 300.000; much less than the number of Muslims killed in the Jewish Holocaust in Palestine.

As the number of Jewish settlements increased and more Jews were attracted to Palestine, the question of coexistence with the original people of Palestine became increasingly a problem that the Zionist leaders wanted to solve the problem based on their radical way of displacing the helpless Palestinians. The Zionist movement adapted various approaches, including that of Judah L. Magres, president of the Hebrew University, who advocated the foundation of a joint Arab-Jewish State. However, David Ben-Gurion argued that accommodation with the Arabs could come only from a position of Jewish strength.

The next essay insha'allah will shed light on how the Zionists with the unlimited support of world leading powers took advantage of the situation of disarray in the Muslim world to achieve their goal of establishing a Zionist state in Palestine.

Dr. Abdallah H. Al-Kahtany
* from his book new zionism