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  • Slacking in acts of worship during Ramadan
    Muhammad Bin Salih Al-Uthaimeen
    resembles a people he is from them.” [Authenticated by Al-Albani].   «من تشبه بقوم، فهو منهم» صححه الألباني &... الترمذي، وقال الألباني: حسن صحيح   And the trace of the blessings of Allah upon us with this food is for us to take pleasure and enjoyment
    Publication Date: 10 Safar 1434 | Views Count: 374
  • Advice to the Students of Knowledge
    Muhammad Bin Salih Al-Uthaimeen
    وصححه الألباني   Also of importance, when a new issue befalls you, draw your heart towards Allah and feel in need of Him so that he causes
    Publication Date: 1 Safar 1434 | Views Count: 288
  • How to Acquire Good Manners?
    Muhammad Bin Salih Al-Uthaimeen
    وحسنه الألباني Third: He should reflect on the consequences that come as a result of having bad manners. This is since a person with bad manners
    Publication Date: 22 Muharram 1434 | Views Count: 377
  • The status of ruling by that which Allaah has revealed
    Muhammad Bin Salih Al-Uthaimeen
    قال: يا رسول الله إنهم لم يعبدوهم فقال بلى إنهم حرموا عليهم الحلال و أحلوا لهم الحرام فاتبعوهم فذلك عبادتهم إياهم» حسنه الألباني &nbsp
    Publication Date: 1 Safar 1434 | Views Count: 972
  • Rulings on Ramadan for Women
    Muhammad Bin Salih Al-Uthaimeen
    ] «لا تمنعوا نساءكم المساجد وبيوتهن خير لهن» رواه ابو داود وصححه الألباني [The reasoning behind this view
    Publication Date: 10 Safar 1434 | Views Count: 1910