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Prophet's (pbuh) advice to Muaadh

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Mu'adh ibn Jabal, one of the companions who accepted Islam from Madina, from the tribe of Khazraj. He was one who the Prophet (saws) gave special responsibilities, especially in the area of da'wah. He is well known for the hadith of the call to Tawheed where the Prophet (saws) sent him to Yemen as the governor, judge, teacher of Yemen and told him that you're coming to a people from the people of the book and the first thing that you should call them to is the oneness, unique oneness of Allah. If they accept that, then inform them that Allah has made obligatory on them five daily prayers and so on and so forth. Here we're going to be looking at another occasion in which the Prophet (saws) gave Mu'adh a special message. A message which Mu'adh conveyed to the Ummah as a whole. This message contained a special du'a which the Prophet (saws) taught him and on the basis of which the Prophet (saws) expressed his great love for Mu'adh.
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  • Category: Da'wah
  • Publication Date: 28 Muharram 1432
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