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Sharia law in Islam, Christianity and Judaism

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Sharia law in Islam, Christianity and Judaism

The last Prophet was Muhammad, peace be upon him, whom Allah made the last of the prophets, and with whom He completed His religion and who came with a religion that includes a universal divine Sharia that is comprehensive and suitable for every time and place...

• Linguistic definition of the word “Sharia”

• Disinformation from the media at the word “Sharia”

• Objective of enacting laws

• Eternal law and the making of laws

• Disorder of man-made laws and their instability

• The absurd sanctions in the man-made laws

• Crimes that were codified in the man-made laws

The Islamic Sharia

Purposes of Islamic Sharia

Hudûd (Punishments) in the Islamic Sharia.

Demand of applying the Islamic Sharia to the non-Muslim


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  • Category: Comparative Religion
  • Copyeditor(s): Rigalos Konstantinos & Ahmed Al-Amir
  • Number of volumes: 1
  • Publisher: Islam Land
  • Publication Date: 14 Jumada al-thani 1438
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