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Are We Forced or Do We Have Free Will (Bookmarked)

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Are We Forced or Do We Have Free Will (Bookmarked)

This booklet gives the reader a thorough understanding of how the will, choice and ability of the slave are subservient to the Will and Power of Allah in the words of the noble Shaikh Muhammad ibn Saleh al-Uthaimeen (rahimahullah).

  • Faith in the Divine Decree
  • The four levels of faith in the Divine Decree
  • Allah's Will for the occurrence of Kufr despite His Hatred for it
  • Four States of man
  • The sinner's justification by the Divine Decree
  • Does man have freedom of choice?
  • Benefits of faith in the Will and Decree of Allah


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  • Category: Aqeedah (Islamic Faith)
  • Publisher: Quran Sunnah Educational Programs
  • Publication Date: 8 Rabi' al-thani 1438
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