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Why the Shame ?!


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Poem written by :Maryam Elbenhawy

I'm eyeballed from head to toe
I notice this everywhere I go
I look different because I am so
I am a Muslim, and that's for you 
To know...
I cover myself, including my face
Others may see it as strong faith
I follow what the Quran says, and
desire to appear
As the Mothers of the Believers did
People still see me as weird
Even the Muslims, they hide in fear
But why feel ashamed from something
That dignifies women of your faith?
Why exploit the beauty that Allah has
True this is a kafer country, 
But should I fear not?
Only from the One True Allah 
Who created me from a clot

  • Category: Literature
  • Publication Date: 21 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1421
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